6927816 : Demo crash in heaptracker with Non-Sun JDK due to possible violation of JNI spec

Steve Poole SPOOLE at uk.ibm.com
Mon Dec 13 11:43:48 PST 2010

Hi all - I attach a hg export file with a fix for 6927816 for JDK7.   Since
this is my first submission please be gentle.

There is no testcase for this problem as it manifests only when using our
J9 JVM.   I've build and run the change on Linux and Solaris using B121 and
there doesn't seem to be any side effects.

I'd appreciate a review of the change to make sure I've got it right - also
some guidance on what to expect in seeing this fix progress through the
process to the main jdk7 repository.

(See attached file: 6927816.export)


Steve Poole
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