SA: Various fixes to sa.js to make it work in JDK8

Krystal Mok rednaxelafx at
Mon Jul 29 00:53:22 PDT 2013

Hi all,

Could I have a couple of reviews for this patch, please?

Switching the JavaScript engine from Rhino to Nashorn and the No PermGen
project caused a few issues that stopped sa.js from working. This is a
patch that tries to fix the issues that I've run into.

I'll walkthrough the patch below: (line numbers refer to sajs.patch, not

Line 8-12:

Since Nashorn implements ECMAScript 5.1, using JavaScript keywords as the
property name in the "dot" syntax is not a problem anymore. So I'm
un-commenting these lines.

Line 20-42, 51-76:

When implementing a JavaAdapter for SA ScriptObject, the __get__ function
calls the __has__ function:
which is working at the wrong level: __has__ is a special hook function,
and cannot be called via "this" this way. It'll trigger the __call__ hook
to find the "__has__" member, but the JavaAdapter here does not override
__call__, and then the lookup will fail.

Rather than going through the trouble of implementing the __call__ hook
just for this purpose, I move the __has__ function up, and made __get__
call __has__ directly instead. Now it won't trigger the __call__ hook for
the lookup, the things will work fine again.

Line 45-48:

Removed trailing whitespace.

Line 84-85:

This code used to work in Rhino, but apparently Nashorn doesn't
automatically convert a JavaScript Array into a Java array when doing
JS-to-Java interop, so this conversion has to be done manually.

Line 93-104:

I'm a little confused in this part. Nashorn exposes a "print" function
that's defined in jdk/nashorn/api/scripting/resources/engine.js, and that
it doesn't expose a corresponding "println" function. I'm not sure if this
code really worked when using Rhino...anyway, the "println" function is
missing, so "writeln = println" doesn't do anything useful. I'm adding a
shim here just in case either of "print" or "println" functions are
missing. This fixes an error when calling "println" in line 87 of this

Line 113:

This is the same change as purposed by Yunda back in April. [1] A missing
fix from the NPG changes.

Line 121-122, 129-130:

When specifying a method overload in Nashorn, the argument syntax it takes
for inner classes uses "." as the separator between the enclosing class
name and the inner class name, instead of "$" as in the "binary name".

Line 138-144, 152-160:

Nashorn has stricter default behaviors than Rhino when overriding Java
methods. Where as Rhino defaults to a "do nothing" implementation, Nashorn
defaults to throwing UnsupportedOperationException for unimplemented

Line 168-172:

Before the fix, this code only replace the first occurrence of the
specified special characters, which happens to be not enough for newer
HotSpot types in C++ templates.

That's all for this patch.

BTW, there is another patches pending review, too: JDK-8011979 [2]


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