Review request for 7195249: Some jtreg tests use hard coded ports

taras ledkov taras.ledkov at
Wed Nov 20 03:54:04 PST 2013

Hi Everyone,

I am working on bug

There are two webrevs:
Webrev for jdk part:

Webrev for hs part:

Please take a look at some notes:
- After discussing with Yekaterina Kantserova & Jaroslav Bachorik some 
shell tests have been converted to java based tests

- PasswordFilePermissionTest & SSLConfigFilePermissionTest tests looked 
very similar, so a common parent class was created for them: 

- What was called I've renamed to The java code to replace old shell script is called, hence the huge 

- The new has some lines similar to the, I nevertheless decided to not 
complicate the code further and leave it as is. Please let me know if 
this is somehow not acceptable

- com/oracle/java/testlibrary/ that is added to hotspot 
repository is taken from this patch:

- These tests will need additional changes when test library process 
tools will support command line options inheritance 

With best regards,
Taras Ledkov
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