Low-Overhead Heap Profiling

Jeremy Manson jeremymanson at google.com
Fri Jun 26 05:38:43 UTC 2015

> On Thu, Jun 25, 2015 at 2:23 PM, Tony Printezis <tprintezis at twitter.com>
>  wrote:
>> BTW, Could we get a reaction from the Oracle folks on this? Even though
>> Jeremy and myself are proposing different implementation approaches, we
>> both agree (and Jeremy please correct me on this) that having an allocation
>> sampling mechanism that’s more flexible to what’s already in HotSpot (in
>> particular: the sampling frequency not being tied to the TLAB size) will be
>> a very helpful profiling feature. Is this something that we pursue to
>> contribute?
Yes.  I think we are 90% in agreement.  And I think being able to query for
live objects is pretty helpful, too.

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