RFR: JDK-8212028: Use run-test makefile framework for testing in Oracle's Mach5

Magnus Ihse Bursie magnus.ihse.bursie at oracle.com
Fri Oct 12 08:37:07 UTC 2018

Hi Erik,

Thank you for preserving through this, so we finally can move to 100% 

On 2018-10-12 00:29, Erik Joelsson wrote:

> Hello,
> (adding serviceability-dev and hotspot-dev for test changes)
> Bug: https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8212028
> Webrev: http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~erikj/8212028/webrev.01/index.html 
> (From ihse-runtestprebuilt-branch in jdk-sandbox)
Build changes look good. And I agree with the solution to add longer 
timeout to individual tests.
> In order to fully adopt the new run-test framework, we need to switch 
> over the automated and distributed testing system at Oracle to the new 
> framework. To get this to work, there are number of issues that needed 
> to be fixed. Here follows a brief explanation, see bug for more details.
> For RunTest.gmk and related makefiles there are a number of minor 
> tweaks to support all the necessary control variables that are 
> currently used for the old test makefiles, as well as correcting some 
> test setup settings.
> In addition to that, some tests also needed to be modified:
> Timeouts
> The current default timeoutFactor in the makefiles is 4. However, the 
> old Mach5 executor overrides that to 10. I don't think it should 
> dabble with such things and leave it to the makefiles, the user, or a 
> specific job definition, so with the new run-test executor, it no 
> longer does. This means many tests now have a much shorter effective 
> timeout. Because of this, we need to increase the timeout on some that 
> are now prone to timing out. I have run tier1-5 a few times to try and 
> find these and added /timeout=300 (which will result in the same 
> effective timeout as before) when specific tests seemed problematic.
> test/hotspot/jtreg/runtime/appcds/jvmti/InstrumentationTest.java
> This test spawns a child process and tries to locate it using the 
> attach api, by looking for a unique token in the command line string 
> of the spawned JVM. The problem is that the command line string it 
> gets from the attach api is truncated and the token is last on the 
> command line. This normally works well, but the arguments before it 
> are 3 files, with full absolute paths inside the jtreg work directory. 
> With Mach5 we have pretty deep work directories, and with run-test, we 
> make them even deeper. This unfortunately trips the limit and the test 
> fails. I have fixed this by reordering the arguments to the child 
> process.
... but I'm not sure I understand this. Is it a command-line length 
we're hitting? If so, how can reordering the arguments solve anything? I 
understand why this can preserve the token, but will not one of the 
paths be cut of instead?


> /Erik

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