<Swing Dev> jtreg

Richard Bair Richard.Bair at Sun.COM
Sun Sep 2 04:10:34 UTC 2007

> running the jtreg tests on the Swing project results in: "You must  
> define jtreg.tests to select some tests to run."
> Are there any jtreg tests for the Swing project? What should be the  
> value of jtreg.tests?

Yes and no. There should be a test in the latest builds for a  
JSpinner bug that had been contributed. I haven't checked, but I  
believe it should be public.

We have a lot of tests that cannot be released due to being based on  
third party code, for which we don't have the copyright. However,  
there are a ton of tests that we could release. We haven't vetted  
them yet though, which is why you don't see the regression tests.


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