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Clemens Eisserer linuxhippy at gmail.com
Wed Sep 5 23:03:51 UTC 2007

Hi Carl,

> I asked for that because I hate to say to the client
> that I cannot do that in a certain time because Java does not
> provide that, what impression will it give him? Another example is
> also that date picker.
> I know there's the date picker but it should be standard. If we want
> Swing to rock, the Swing team has to put the right time and effort to
> make Swing a first class citizen rich client development platform.

As I said if you would like to have it resolved in a fixed timeframe
you can simply take the source and do it yourself and as far as I know
there are very experienced companies implementing such fixes.
If you need it and don't know howto do it, there's a guy called
leo_user which maybe does it for money. (I hope he does not dislike
that I point you to him).

Well this is the old discussion about how important native look&feels
are. In my opinion (just taken from the experience with my customers
which are typically average users across all jobs) native lnf is not
important as long as the application looks good. The Steel-Theme of
metal was problematic - however some users already said they like
Ocean because it looks "fresh". And sometimes I use custom LnF's - but
most really don't care. I would say 95% don't care at all.
So from my point-of-view native LnF is not important at all, almost
not at all. I never deployed an app with native LnF enabled by

So you have the following options:
- Implement your own filechooser (only helps you, maybe a lot of work)
- Hack the existing one and submit patches (helps everybody) or keep
changes to your app (but you've to open the sourcecode you modified
because its GPL with classpath exception)
- Pay sombody to fix it.

lg Clemens

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