"Model 2" prototype status

Simon Ochsenreither simon at ochsenreither.de
Fri Aug 7 16:15:40 UTC 2015

>    > > What I'm arguing against is the notion that the ease of implementation
>    > > for the compiler/language/runtime author is more important than the
>    > > time of developers. I don't question that people can sit down and learn
>    > > things, but I question the need for them to do that in every case if a
>    > > better design could have prevented that.
> >  >   
>  I agree in principle.  "Better design" is subjective and context dependent
> though.  What is the better design you have in mind?

I think keeping static fields per-class (in the sense of "the class the user
wrote down in code", not "some random class artefact the runtime happened to
emit") would be the most sensible and simple thing to do. No explanation or
learning necessary, because everything works exactly like it has the last 15
years in Java.

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