"Model 2" prototype status

Stephane Epardaud stef at epardaud.fr
Wed Aug 19 10:09:39 UTC 2015

Well, I'm glad some people did ask questions about things you had
already considered and discarded with the first prototype because it
appears that the new model fixes all these issues we raised :)

The introduction of a common supertype via any-wildcards with autoboxing
is great and exactly what was missing. The introduction of private
methods in interfaces in the VM is also a good side-effect. And having
seen your JVMLS talk I'm pretty enthoused by the third part that you
guys are working on to make code sharing better at the VM level.

So congrats!

On 04/08/15 18:07, Brian Goetz wrote:
> And I regret to say, I won't be able to continue this discussion
> further; extended discussions on "why not take a completely different
> direction" -- especially when that direction is one we've already
> considered -- are just too much of a distraction, so please, hold your
> responses. 

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