CFV: New Valhalla Committer: Frederic Parain

Maurizio Cimadamore maurizio.cimadamore at
Mon Feb 2 22:19:10 UTC 2015

I hereby nominate Frederic Parain (fparain) to Valhalla Committer.

Frederic is a member of the Hotspot Runtime team who's looking to join 
the dark forces @ Project Valhalla. Here's a list of his OpenJDK 

HotSpot Removed unused 
networking functions from os class Cleanup of old and 
unused VM interfaces Fix for JDK-6546236 
made Solaris os::yield() a no-op Method 
os::yield_all() should be removed Remove support 
for old T1 libthread Remove deprecated 
VM flag UseVMInterruptibleIO Thread interrupt() 
of Thread.sleep() can be lost on Solaris due to race with signal handler 
dtrace/hotspot/Monitors/Monitors001 fails in product builds on solaris-sparc Memory leak during 
class redefinition ResourceMark 
nesting problem in stringStream The hs_err file 
gets wrong name race condition in 
VMError::report_and_die() Add support for JMX 
interface to Diagnostic Framework and Commands Test 
runtime/6294277/ runs wrong JVM java -Xdebug 
crashes on SourceDebugExtension attribute larger than 64K JNI DefineClass 
crashes client VM when first parameter is NULL 
GarbageCollectorMXBean notification contains ticks vs millis Need additional 
specializations for argument parsing framework Memory leak in 
GarbageCollectionNotifications Parsing of boolean 
arguments to diagnostic commands is broken Add diagnostic commands C-heap growth issue 
in ThreadService::find_deadlocks_at_safepoint Adding a diagnostic 
command framework Adding a 
notification to the implementation of GarbageCollectorMXBeans Adding new DTrace 
probes to work with Palantir

  JDK: Cleanup of old and 
unused VM interfaces Remove use of 
JVM_Open, JVM_Read and JVM_Close functions from serviceability code Add back Diagnostic 
Command JMX API The jcmd man page 
is not included in generated bundles fails Removing remote 
access to diagnostic commands in the HotSpotDiagnosticMBean 
sun/tools/jcmd/ failing intermittently TEST_BUG: jcmd 
tests need to use -XX:+UsePerfData 
ManagementPermission "control" needs clarification Adding a diagnostic 
command framework Adding a 
notification to the implementation of GarbageCollectorMXBeans 
docs need to be updated to replace Java SE 6 occurrences Add two attributes 
to the OperatingSystemMXBean to provide CPU Load info

Votes are due by February 15, 2015.

Only current Valhalla Committers [1] are eligible to vote on this

For Lazy Consensus voting instructions, see [2].

Thank you,
Maurizio Cimadamore

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