Question on layer/peeling

Michael Barker mikeb01 at
Tue Jan 6 02:43:47 UTC 2015

> (Public service announcement: Any talk about "spec" is woefully premature;
> what we've got is an idea on a white board.)

Ooops, s/spec/draft proposal/g

> The case you describe is what we call "implementation by parts", where
> there is a method who is a member of Foo<any T> but which might have
> different implementation depending on whether T is a value or an (erased)
> reference.  This is one of the use cases described in SotS, and such things
> come up in a number of places inside the implementation of Collections.

That was my expectation.  I toying with a specialised HashMap to a feel for
how specialisation will work.  I'm assuming that the layer parts aren't
implemented yet - I couldn't find anything in a cursory browse of the
commits.  Is there something I could do in the meantime as a hack (e.g.
instanceof check and downcast to Object[])?


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