Time to rebase on top of JDK 9 repository?

timo.kinnunen at gmail.com timo.kinnunen at gmail.com
Tue Sep 29 12:58:56 UTC 2015


I’ve been looking into compiling Valhalla with Visual Studio 2015 to try it out but I have hit a snag. See, I have made the needed changes and have a working build but I made the changes on top of the jdk9/jdk9 repository. I tried bringing the changes over to the valhalla/valhalla repository but the valhalla repository seems to be several months behind the JDK 9 repositories. There’s quite a lot of changes missing. Is it time to merge in the latest JDK 9 changes?

I’m not an expert on mercurial nor familiar with the valhalla implementation details so I’m otherwise pretty much stuck.

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