Arrays now implement "Arrayish"

David Simms david.simms at
Wed Apr 27 12:52:41 UTC 2016


I've just pushed a set of changes to enable all arrays to implement the 
"java.lang.Arrayish" interface:

    public interface Arrayish<any T> extends Cloneable, {
         int arraySize();
         T arrayGet(int index);
         void arraySet(int index, T element);

Thanks to John Rose for the original patch, which I have adapted somewhat.

How does it work ?

  * "Klass->extra_super()" contains an optional "InstanceKlass*"
    pointer, which all array klasses have set to their appropriate
    Arrayish, i.e.:
      o int[] extra_super() = "Arrayish<int>"
      o Object[] extra_super() = "Arrayish"
  * Classes used as "extra_super" must currently be interfaces, and have
    their own "self itable" generated at load time.
  * The extra_super mechanism allows the "Arrayish" interface to be
    injected during JVM start-up, but after the basic array types need
    to be initialized
  * "extra_super()" is used when, checkcast/instanceof and looking up
    interface methods
  * See jtreg test: "hotspot/runtime/valhalla/arrays/"

This is a prototype, there are caveats (and dragons):

  * The current "Model 3" implementation uses a specializer written in
    Java, for bootstrapping the Arrayish specializations, these are
    currently built at JDK compile time (placed
      o There is no support yet for double slot types (double and long,
        and hence their arrays)
      o These classes are specific to the JVM runtime, and must not be
        seen by "javac" ( "VALHALLA_PRESPECIALIZED_DIR" is known to the
        classloader implementation, but not the classpath).
  * x86 32 & 64 bit architectures only at this point
      o arrays on other architectures will simply not implement "Arrayish"
  * Nothing about this implementation is set in stone, prototype code
    and quality (piggy-backing on these changes, then ymmv)
  * The type hierarchy for arrays will no doubt continue to be in flux

/David Simms

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