Nestmates MH tests update to use javac flag

Stanislav Smirnov stanislav.smirnov at
Thu Nov 24 11:56:49 UTC 2016


please take a look on this changes to nestmates MH tests.
Tests start using -XDdisableAccessors javac flag to stop generating access bridges and so verify the vm changes.
Without vm support tests will fail on setUp phase because without access bridges there is no way to refer to “super” fields/methods from inner classes.
Also in MethodHandleSubTop class lookup and mt access modifiers have been changed to package private to give access from inner classes without bridges.
Rest of the changes verify that there are no access bridges available and some tests are now positive, expecting accessibility, plus added comments to the test cases.


And I will need a sponsor for this change.

Best regards,
Stanislav Smirnov

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