New JEP: Javac intrinsics for LDC and INVOKEDYNAMIC

Remi Forax forax at
Tue Apr 11 15:29:27 UTC 2017

I like this JEP :)

constant propagation:
  the rule about arrays should be added, an array of constants is a constant.

  i don't like having to use another constant hierarchy,
  i would prefer to have static factories that act as compiler intrinsics from String/int/... representation and avoid an intermediary representation,
   (the intermediary representation should be inside the compiler).

  class CompilerIntrinsics {
    public static Class<?> constClass(String className) { return null; }
    public static MethodType constMethodType(String descriptor) { return null; }
    public static MethodHandle constMethodHandle(int tag, Class<?> type, String name, MethodType type) { return null; }

  by example for constMethodHandle, the compiler 
  - requires all arguments to be constants
  - emits an error if the underlying method do not exist or the tag is not valid, etc at compile time,
  - replace the call with a ldc with the right constant pool constant if the constant is not constant-folded because it's part of another constant

    MethodHandle mh = constMethodHandle(6, constClass("java/lang/Integer"), "parseInt", constMethodType("(Ljava/lang/String)I"));  
  creates a method handle (with ldc) on Integer.parseInt()  without creating the intermediary Class<?> and MethodType because they are both constant folded.
  apart if mh is itself part of a bigger constant.

  - the proposed encoding does not allow to encode an invokedynamic with 255 arguments (useful for testing)
  - the BootstrapSpecifier should only contain a constant MethodHandle and an array of constant and a name, the descriptor should be computed by the compiler from the callsite, what @PolymorphicSignature already does.

  a counter-proposal, let say we have an empty class
    class InvokedynamicCompilerIntrinsics {
      // empty
  introduce a new syntax, 
    InvokedynamicCompilerIntrinsics.[bsm, arg1, arg2]foo(regular_arguments)
  that cleanly separate the bootstrap method, the BSM arguments and the regular arguments.

  The descriptor is computed as is the there is a method "foo" in InvokedynamicCompilerIntrinsics declared @PolymorphicSignature.

  The BSM and the BSM arguments has to be constant (CE).

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> Objet: New JEP: Javac intrinsics for LDC and INVOKEDYNAMIC

> Please review the this JEP draft:
> This JEP creates (a) an official set of purely-nominal wrapper classes for
> linkable constants (Class, MethodType, MethodHandle, VarHandle), provides
> constant-propagation (not folding) support in javac for these types, and (b)
> intrinsification for LDC and INVOKEDYNAMIC so that they can be predictably
> translated into bytecode.
> This allows Java source code to be a first-class client of invokedynamic,
> including using Java to test indy bootstraps.

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