[MVT] ASM branch for the MVT

Remi Forax forax at univ-mlv.fr
Fri Aug 25 21:01:05 UTC 2017

I've just pushed the support of COMPUTE_FRAMES, so the core of ASM (the package org.objectweb.asm) should now fully work with the MVT value types.

It was painful, expected but still painful, ASM had the assumption at several places that the internal name is a subset of the descriptor, so it can extract the internal name just by doing a substring on a method/field descriptor.

For real value types (post MVT), as i already said, i would prefer the internal name of a Q type to be the Q type itself with no semicolon in front, (so the subset assumption will still hold).


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> Objet: [MVT] ASM branch for the MVT

> Hi all,
> i'm please to announce the availability of a (minimal) version of ASM able to
> read and write MVT opcodes.
>  https://gitlab.ow2.org/asm/asm/tree/MINIMAL_VALUE_TYPE
> ASM is able to read/write bytecodes and correctly calculate the maxs.
> Things that doesn't work:
>  - calculating stackframes do not work (i have not teach ASM the new 'Q' and ';Q'
>  notations)
>  - the class Type doesn't know value type yet (same issue)
>  - all fancy transformations (renamming, etc) do not work yet
> cheers,
> Rémi

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