Building and testing

Nir Lisker nlisker at
Sat Apr 14 03:39:28 UTC 2018


I'm interested in playing with generic specialization. I've a couple of
points to ask about.

1. Building. Following the instructions on the wiki [1], after cloning, the
file does not exist and the commands
    chmod u+x
fail. I ignored this and continued with
    bash configure
    make images
which complete successfully. Is this fine?

2. Testing. I'm thinking of targeting my attempts at the JavaFX beans.
Observable [2] demonstrates the type verbosity - each primitive type
dictates type hierarchies just so that it can take or return its primitive

Would this area be considered a proper testing grounds for generic
Can I expect to be able to replace all type hierarchies of primitives, such
as the ones for ReadOnlyJavaBeanBooleanProperty [3] and
ReadOnlyBooleanWrapper [4] with a single generic one, or is it too






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