[lworld] RFR: object methods in VM for lworld value type

David Simms david.simms at oracle.com
Thu Apr 26 15:20:46 UTC 2018


Here is a patch that for the most part ensures Object methods 
implemented by the JVM do not crash (as some do today):


Summary of changes, interpreter only (-Xint):

  * "Object.getClass()": sanity test
  * "Object.hashCode()" / "System.identityHashCode()": simply return 0
      o should be revisited for "System.identityHashCode()", once we
        have BSM hashCode generation in place
  * "Object.clone()": disallow "Cloneable" value types, throws
      o implicit cloning via "pass by value" does not allow user code
        (as clone does), so no clone
  * "Object.wait()", "notify()" and monitorenter byte-code: throw
      o missing test for monitorexit (whoops)

This change is primarily to enable further prototyping with -Xint, 
giving JIT implementation further time to adjust to lworld, and ignoring 
JDK methods whom may or may not provide alternative implementations for 
lworld "objectification" of value types.


/David Simms

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