CFV: New Valhalla Committer: Ioi Lam

John Rose john.r.rose at
Tue Jul 17 19:40:23 UTC 2018

[I'm posting this corrected CFV for Karen who is on vacation.
Mark asked us [5] to restart the process on the correct list.
Please re-send your votes; sorry for the extra traffic.]

I hereby nominate Ioi Lam (iklam) to Valhalla Committer.

Ioi is a member of the Hotspot Runtime team who's looking to join
Project Valhalla (in the context of runtime support and JIT
optimizations for Value Objects [3]). A list of most of his OpenJDK
contributions is available at [4].

Votes are due by 12:30 PT July 31, 2018

Only current Valhalla Committers [1] are eligible to vote on this

For Lazy Consensus voting instructions, see [2].

Thank you,
John (for Karen)

[1] <>
[2] <>
[3] <>
[4] <>
[5] <>

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