Valhalla EG 20190925

David Simms david.simms at
Wed Sep 25 17:04:29 UTC 2019

  - Brian
      - Apologies for lack for progress since JVMLS
      - User model needs some working through
          - Language: what is this "box type" the mediates between 
objects and values.
          - Needs to "feel right" for users
  - Simms:
      - Arrays 2.0 has been mentioned a few times lately, as a potential 
"pre-requisite" to Valhalla
          - Brian: Need to get through specialization, this and 
interfaces will give us more tools than users know about today
- DanS:
     - Going through JVMS, questioning some of our verification 
implementation details which differ or are missing or will be defer 
(from chapter 4)
- Remi:
     - Question if we need explicit boxing that the VM needs to care about
         - John: favors auto-generation approach (doesn't want types to 
drift away), could use nestmates (compiled at the same time, no type mix up)
     - Remi: As a compiler strategy ?
     - DanH: Allow user to hand write (e.g. pre-exisiting mig, i.e. 
         - Prefer compiler does the work
     - Brian: sealing would provide trust to the VM
     - John: sealed super-type that is empty (empty interface), a good 
way to go ?
         - Brian: possible
     - Brian: which method we go with, must be driven primarily by 
primitives, how to get to int.
         - Something has got to give, fuzzing current type 
relationships. "Digusting Hacks", "Special Behavior".
         - Eclair and other food analogies continue, but we need to 
figure out what we get for a given path first
- Remi: ValueObj/Ref vs Records, another concern
     - Brian: possible we need to switch Record super type to an interface

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