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> 2. Core reflection APIs [ |
> ]

> John Rose proposed:
> a) Class.getnestHost() - defaults to itself if there is a resolution error
> b) Class.getNestMembers() - returns full nest, fallback of self if any
> resolution errors including it lists a nestHost that
> does not list it.

> [editor notes:
> - full statically defined nest from classfile attribute? As distinct from full
> dynamically
> currently loaded nest - right?
> - looks like John is proposing resolving the names, not just returning strings,
> and skipping any resolution failures

I do not like swallowing exceptions, it always make things harder to debug, so counter proposition: 

Class<?> Class.getNestHost() 
if there is no attribute, return this, throw aTypeNotPresentException if either the NestHost can not be loaded or the NestHost doesn't list this as its member. 

Class<?>[] Class.getNestMembers() 
scrub all members that are either not found or or not valid (not the same NestHost) from the array and always add this to the array. 


> thanks,
> Karen


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