Mercurial repositories no longer work?

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at
Tue Nov 9 04:59:38 PST 2010

Alan Eliasen wrote:
> :
>    Since this is an issue that affects every single OpenJDK contributor,
> that may or may not be subscribed to every list, (I doubt most of us
> are,) it is critical that information about accessing the central
> repository (which is now effectively broken to anyone that uses current
> versions of Mercurial, especially because the Forest extension is no
> longer maintained) is pushed to contributors, and the solutions to that
> problem get actively published to every list, and are published to the
> official pages that explain how to check out and update OpenJDK as soon
> as possible, which they haven't been.  (This is critical for an
> open-source project.)
>    Is there a contact at Oracle that is responsible for making the
> OpenJDK open and accessible?  Who is the maintainer of the pages that
> discuss how to check out and update OpenJDK?  Those pages are obsolete
> and broken.  Mercurial's forest extension is apparently obsolete and
> officially unmaintained.  What is the strategy to move OpenJDK forward?
>    I'm not subscribed to the web-discuss list, and its archive pages are
> marked as "nofollow" for web robots, so nobody will find it with a web
> search.  You are asking that web robots do not follow links to any
> messages in the archive.  I searched but couldn't find it for this
> reason.  The thread posted above is not a solution; the only reply is a
> dreadful hardcoded large program that kludges around the real problem
> and will break again in the future if any subdirectory is added.  It
> does not fix the problem that the official instructions to check out and
> update OpenJDK sources no longer work, and that the official way to
> check out (the unsupported Forest extension) is no longer usable.
>    This is a major issue that must be addressed on all lists.  I hope
> that paid Oracle employees will communicate the necessary fix to all
> contributors on all lists, who try to contribute value to their products
> for free.  Please forward this to the web-discuss list.
I've cc'ed the web-discuss list, and bcc'ed the core-libs-dev so as to 
move this discussion to the right place. For now, all I can suggest is 
that you sync up each repo individually (by doing "hg pull" in each 
repo) or else go back to an older version of Mercurial if you want to 
use the forest commands. Yes, the web pages needs to be updated to 
include a warning or otherwise make it clear that the forest extension 
cannot be used with recent releases of mercurial. I don't have any 
knowledge or information about plans to move to subrepos.


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