Shark build passes TCK

Gary Benson gbenson at
Thu Jun 10 08:03:25 PDT 2010

For the past few months the OpenJDK team at Red Hat has been working
to stabilize the Shark JIT compiler for HotSpot to the point where
IcedTea builds of OpenJDK using Shark are capable of passing the Java

As a result of this work I am pleased to announce that an IcedTea
build of OpenJDK using Shark has passed the Java SE 6 TCK and is
compatible with the Java SE 6 platform.

The test system was as follows:

 Operating system: Fedora 12, x86_64
   configured with: --with-pic --enable-pic
   revision: 7674917fa451
   configured with: --enable-shark

This work was funded by Red Hat.

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