RFC: Shark LLVM 3.0svn support - MCJIT

Xerxes Rånby xerxes at zafena.se
Wed Aug 31 07:18:49 PDT 2011

ons 2011-08-31 klockan 14:52 +0200 skrev Xerxes Rånby:
> ons 2011-08-31 klockan 10:56 +0300 skrev Xerxes Rånby:
> > Hi all Zero/Shark hackers!
> > 
> > 3-sharkllvm30-MCJIT.patch:
> > This are a fun patch that makes it possible to test Shark in combination with the new 
> > MCJIT in LLVM that uses the direct machine code emission framework. The MCJIT are intended 
> > to be the new stable JIT in LLVM that will use the same stable code path as the static 
> > compilers in LLVM.
> > * I have not yet conditionalized this patch to make shark work with older llvm versions.
> 3-sharkllvm30-MCJIT-v2.patch:
> Updated version of the MCJIT patch, I forgot to replace the JIT.h with
> MCJIT.h. this prevented the MCJIT to get linked in.
> If the MCJIT fails to initialize then Shark will exit with the following
> error: LLVM ERROR: Target does not support MC emission!
> llvm-dev claims that the MCJIT are functional on x86_64.

3-sharkllvm30-MCJIT-v3.patch: Updated patch.
The MCJIT require that a native AsmPrinter are initialized before use.

If MCJIT fails to insert object code into memory then the following
error are reported:
LLVM ERROR: Unknown object format!

It are possible to test if MCJIT are supported on your target by running
the following testcase:
llvm-as < llvm/test/ExecutionEngine/hello.ll | lli -use-mcjit

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