[OpenJDK 2D-Dev] Review Reqeust for Bug 100068 - SunGraphics2D exposes a reference to itself while non fully initialised

Mario Torre mario.torre at aicas.com
Wed Jul 8 11:54:22 UTC 2009

Il 02/07/2009 17:07, Roman Kennke ha scritto:
> Hi Mario,
>> Would you mind if I divide the patch in 2 or 3 slots?
> Actually this is a great idea! After completing each slot, you could
> check with J2DBench if performance is actually affected or not.
>> I'll try to give you something already today, hopefully.
> Yay! I'm still waiting ;-)

Ugh, that one sucked time :)

Ok, so here is the webrew for the "make all fields private" part:


Things to say:

1. Looks like some fields are never accessed outside SunGraphics2D, no 
accessor are provided for those.

2. AffineTransform was a lot of fun to make correctly, because we need 
both the "raw" transform and the the transform returned by getTransform, 
because in some areas we need to know about clipping and device 
coordinates, while in some other places we don't want to know about 
that. I added a getRawTransform, I hope this name is meaningfull.

3. I tested carefully, but I may have missed something, so I need some 
help with this, it's a huge patch. I need help to test the windows fluff 

4. Everything is made final, but in some places we may still cache stuff 
returned by the getters, I'll do this if this patch is ok and gets 

5. Just because I don't like to have 4 points :)

If this is ok, I'll move on the other things.

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