[OpenJDK 2D-Dev] Review request for bug 100053

Dmitri Trembovetski Dmitri.Trembovetski at Sun.COM
Thu Oct 1 21:47:01 UTC 2009

   Hi Roman,

Roman Kennke wrote:
> Hi Dmitri,
>>    a comment about the test: would the bug reproduce if you just rendered into a 
>> BufferedImage? If so, no need for creating a frame and such.
> Oh yes. Stupid me :-)
>>    Regarding the fix, it looks ok - but there are other places in the code where 
>> the 'crossings' is accessed - are those safe from an NPE?
> I followed all usages of crossings and crossingsIndices and they all end
> up in endRendering(). There is a loop at the beginning of which the
> arrays get initialized using setCrossingsExtends(). The problem occured
> when this loop was never entered, in that case we hit
> crossingListFinished() with (possibly) null arrays. There I added the
> null checks and it should cover all potential NPEs on these arrays.
> The updated webrev is:
> http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~rkennke/100053/webrev.01/
> Ok now?

   Yes, looks fine.


> Thanks, Roman

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