[OpenJDK 2D-Dev] Review Request for 6879044

Ismael Juma mlists at juma.me.uk
Tue Sep 15 19:20:00 UTC 2009

Hey Mandy,

Mandy Chung <Mandy.Chung at ...> writes:
> Improvement on client startup performance and memory footprint has 
> always been one of our top features in the past releases.

Are there any numbers that back that up?

The initial message said:

"Startup Performance:
This change does not have significant startup performance improvement, as
expected.  However, it does
reduce the number of loaded classes (Framer app loads 16 fewer classes and jedit
loads 13 fewer classes)."

A small reduction in the number of classes loaded with no significant
improvement in startup performance doesn't seem to justify the large patch.

Is it the case that subsequent changes will actually show measurable benefit?


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