[OpenJDK 2D-Dev] Webrevs for fast non-AA transformed rectangles and wide lines

Jim Graham james.graham at oracle.com
Fri Dec 3 00:02:50 UTC 2010

I should clarify - it looks like the ability to classify rendering 
operations as parallelograms is already in JDK7 - but it is only used by 
the HW pipelines (OGL and D3D).  This change leverages the existing 
parallelogram classification code into the software pipeline - it 
doesn't create that ability.

So, the classification of those primitives should already be vetted by 
the OGL and D3D pipelines, this is more about the (new) use of the 
converters in the software pipeline validation and the correctness of 
the (new) software loops themselves...


On 12/1/2010 5:42 PM, Jim Graham wrote:
> This is a forward port of some fixes I made in 6u12 to make transformed
> rectangles and wide lines go fast by implementing "Parallelogram"
> rendering pipelines and loops.
> There will be a follow-on fix for AA rectangles and wide lines coming.
> This was the first stage that teaches the basic graphics engine how to
> manage parallelograms and implements just the non-AA loops for it.
> http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~flar/6775317/webrev.0/
> ...jim

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