[OpenJDK 2D-Dev] X11 uniform scaled wide lines and dashed lines; STROKE_CONTROL in Pisces

Denis Lila dlila at redhat.com
Wed Dec 15 15:13:51 UTC 2010

Hi Jim.

> Also, I wrote new hit testing code in jdk6 that used bezier recursion
> to compute the values and it ran way faster than any root-finding methods
> (mainly because all you have to worry about is subdividing enough that
> the curve can be classified as above, below, or to the left or right
> and you're done), so the containment methods could probably be fixed by 
> simply using the new code in sun.awt.geom.Curve and this method could
> be updated with the new equations you found and left as an "approximate 
> method" like it always has been?

Well, I already have half the code I need to implement the ideas I
wrote, so... why not?

However, making solveCubic that good does not really seem to be a high
priority, so how about we quickly push just the new implementation I
found so we can fix most cases where an obvious root is missed, then
push this dashing/AA webrev (which will depend on the new solveCubic),
then I can fix the implementation of intersect using the recursive
subdivision you mentioned, and then I can take my time finishing
the implementation of the ideas from my last e-mail (these bugs/rfes
have waited 10+ years - they can wait 1-2 more months). Right now,
I would like to give priority to better pisces support of the new
parallelogram pipes and this bug:

Here's the webrev for the new solveCubic implementation:


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