[OpenJDK 2D-Dev] X11 uniform scaled wide lines and dashed lines; STROKE_CONTROL in Pisces

Denis Lila dlila at redhat.com
Mon Jul 5 18:21:33 UTC 2010

Hello everyone.

In sun.java2d.x11.X11Renderer, line 340, it says:
            // REMIND: X11 can handle uniform scaled wide lines
            // and dashed lines itself if we set the appropriate
            // XGC attributes (TBD).

Also, it is a known issue that Pisces does not support the STROKE_CONTROL

I have been wanting to implement these two features, and I have a few questions:

Has anything been decided on the first issue? Do we still want to implement it?
If yes, can anyone give me some rough suggestions as to how I can get started?

What would be involved in making STROKE_CONTROL available in Pisces?
Is it just a matter of setting input coordinates to the nearest pixel's centre

Thank you,

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