[OpenJDK 2D-Dev] OpenJDK and lcms color management (soft-proofing)

Claudio Wilmanns Claudio.Wilmanns at infowerk.de
Thu Jul 12 12:59:24 UTC 2012

Hi Andrew,

thanks for your answer, too.

If I understand you right, JNI gives me access to the Kodak CMM¹s C
interface. OK, that¹s interesting. But I assume that there is some
overhead involved in converting a Java image buffer to a format the CMM
interface understands. Anyway, I found the Kodak CMM API here
http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E19695-01/802-2012/802-2012.pdf, is this the
correct document for use with JNI?

Could be a little more specific what you are suggesting in your second
paragraph? I guess I understand what you mean, but I¹d like to know the
steps that are neccessary to do to achieve the goal.
Let¹s say I have a source RGB image in AdobeRGB colorspace and want to
convert it to a CMYK colorspace, then do a softproof from that CMYK
colorspace to the display colorspace, that is represented by a custom ICC

Could you briefly outline the last part (CMYK ‹> display) using your
kludgy workaround in Java?

Best Regads

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Betreff: Re: [OpenJDK 2D-Dev] OpenJDK and lcms color management

>On 07/12/2012 01:09 PM, Claudio Wilmanns wrote:
>> Moreover it is possible that the support for the absolute colorimetric
>> rendering intent has been stripped in the Java version of the Kodak CMM
>> although this may be true for littleCMS as well.
>It's not stripped, but AFAIK there's no Java interface for it.  You could
>always use JNI, of course.
>You could instead just do a white point transform first then use relative
>colorimetric rendering.  It's a bit of a kludge but it'd have the same

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