[OpenJDK 2D-Dev] OpenJDK and lcms color management (soft-proofing)

Claudio Wilmanns Claudio.Wilmanns at infowerk.de
Thu Jul 12 13:40:36 UTC 2012

>You know the whitepoints of your source space and your target space:
>they're in the colour profiles.  Create a matrix that is the inverse
>of the transform from source to target whitepoint and apply it to your
>source image.  Then do your relative output transform.  The transform
>you just did is the inverse of the whitepoint transform that relative
>colorimetic rendering does: it'll cancel.  If you have tools to create
>colour profiles, you can create a profile that does exactly this
>transform, and LCMS would then do exactly what you want.
>But if this is all like Greek to you I'm afraid I can't help.  And I
>cannot vouch for the quality of the reults of any such procedure -- it
>would lose some accuracy, for sure.  And it'll be inconvenient.

No, that’s not Greek to me at all ;-) All I wanted to know is if what I
was thinking of it is the same as what you thought of.

Basically you are suggesting to recover the absolute colorimetric data
from the relative colorimetric data in the profile and create a new
„absolute“ colorimetric profile, even though LCMS (or KCMS) uses the
relative coloriemtric rendering intent, right? Or in one word, to build a
special softproofing-profile.

Well, that’s a smart idea, of course, and I could image that this does the
trick. Kudos!

Creating such a profile is no big deal, I have the right tools available.

If I ever get that far - I have to create some test code to get used to
Java color management first - I'll keep you posted.

Thanks for the fruitful discussion.

Best Regards


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