[OpenJDK 2D-Dev] FileCacheImageOutputStream.close() is not idempotent

Martin Desruisseaux martin.desruisseaux at geomatys.fr
Thu Jun 14 20:25:29 UTC 2012

Le 14/06/12 19:37, Phil Race a écrit :
> I think it acceptable to make it call checkClosed() conpatibility wise 
> since apps must already be ready
> for an IOException and are actually less like to be ready for the NPE ..

After a second look to the code, it appears to have been the original 
intend. All ImageInputStream and ImageOutputStream implementations 
invoke super.close(), which in turn invoke checkClosed(). It just 
appears that FileCacheImageOutputStream is making this invocation too 
late - we get a NPE before to reach (indirectly) the checkClosed() call.

I attached to this email the new proposed fix.


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diff -r b3246687c369 src/share/classes/javax/imageio/stream/FileCacheImageOutputStream.java
--- a/src/share/classes/javax/imageio/stream/FileCacheImageOutputStream.java	Wed Jun 13 16:57:34 2012 -0700
+++ b/src/share/classes/javax/imageio/stream/FileCacheImageOutputStream.java	Thu Jun 14 22:22:15 2012 +0200
@@ -222,11 +222,11 @@
      * @exception IOException if an error occurs.
     public void close() throws IOException {
+        super.close(); // Must be invoked before dereferencing 'cache'.
         maxStreamPos = cache.length();
-        super.close();
         cache = null;

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