[OpenJDK 2D-Dev] RFR: 8008022: Upgrade Direct X SDK used to build JDK

Vadim Pakhnushev vadim.pakhnushev at oracle.com
Fri Sep 6 20:21:24 UTC 2013

Hi all,

Please review the fix for this bug:


I've found that all needed DirectX 9 SDK files (that is, d3d9.h, 
dsound.h and dsound.lib) are included in the Windows SDK 7.0a shipped 
with Visual Studio 2010.
They are also in all later SDKs - 7.1, 7.1a.
The version is the same in all SDKs.
Officially the whole DXSDK is included with Windows SDK 8 only (VS2012).
While researching this, I've found that Kelly also came to this 
conclusion some time ago, mentioned here:

So instead of updating the version of DirectX SDK, we can safely remove 
this dependency altogether.
Proposed fix is to basically revert the fix for 8008073.
Phil also requested that the old build be updated as well (BTW, it seems 
that the old build system is broken in couple of places in the security 

The weakness of this fix is that I couldn't find an easy way to check 
for the existence of needed files.
When we used single directory for DXSDK location, we used to check the 
existence by using "if test ! -f "$DXSDK_LIB_PATH/dsound.lib"; then"
Now these files are found by compiler through INCLUDE and LIB 
environment variables which are in the windows format.
I'm not sure if it will be worth to parse these variables and check 
every path for existence of needed files.
Absence of files seems to be very unlikely, and if they are not there, 
the compiler will produce meaningful error message.

I tested this with local new and old windows build.
All DirectX regtests has passed.
JPRT job is in progress now, seems to be stuck in queue.


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