[OpenJDK 2D-Dev] Graphics2D.drawLine() seems to ignore BasicStroke.getEndCap()

Julien Gouesse gouessej at yahoo.fr
Fri Aug 1 09:38:33 UTC 2014


This bug is only reproducible under Mageia Linux. I will try to fix it by myself as nobody feels concerned.

Le Vendredi 25 juillet 2014 10h25, Julien Gouesse <gouessej at yahoo.fr> a écrit :


Actually, the problem comes from the drawing of the first point rather than the end cap. Best regards.

Le Jeudi 17 juillet 2014 23h31, Julien Gouesse <gouessej at yahoo.fr> a écrit :


I try to draw a diagonal cross and I get a different result with the same code under Microsoft Windows with Oracle Java 1.7 update 60 (expected result) and under Mageia Linux 4 with OpenJDK 1.7 update 60 (wrong result).

Please find enclosed my small test (50 lines of code) and an image showing the extra pixels on the diagonal cross.

I tried to disable the Java2D pipeline based on XRender and the anti-aliasing (by using the rendering hint) but it didn't help.

Let me know whether I should fill a bug report.

Best regards.
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