[OpenJDK 2D-Dev] [9] Review request for 8151303 [macosx] [hidpi] JButton's low-res. icon is visible when clicking on it

Alexander Scherbatiy alexandr.scherbatiy at oracle.com
Thu May 12 17:08:59 UTC 2016


Could you review the updated fix:

There was a suggestion to postpone the fix for the issue 8152309 
Seamless way of using image filters with multi-resolution images
and continue with the current one:

The new version of the fix introduces a mapper method which allows to 
map all resolution variants of one multi-resolution image to another:
     Image image = // original image
     Image filteredImage = MultiResolutionImage.map(image, (img) -> /* 
return filtered image */);


On 21/03/16 22:31, Jim Graham wrote:
> We could do that for our own filters, but any random custom filter 
> could run into the same issue, so it might not make sense to upgrade 
> the existing filter mechanism to always attempt to do MR filtering.  
> We could either create a parallel set of MR-aware filter mechanisms 
> (such as the previously suggested new method on Toolkit, or a new 
> MR-aware version of FilteredImageSource for instance) and leave the 
> existing mechanism as clearly documented as MR-unaware.  Another idea 
> is to tag a filter with an interface that indicates that it is MR 
> aware?  In any case, some thought needs to be given to feeding an MR 
> image to a filter that (potentially or demonstrably) cannot deal with 
> MR images.
> Alternately, we could then recommend that the old image filtering code 
> isn't combined with multi-resolution images.  It seems to me that the 
> programmer is mostly in control over this happening since they've 
> either manually created the MR image using the custiom MR image 
> mechanism or they've supplied media with multiple resolution files 
> (i.e. "@2x").  Is that really the case?
> Whether it is a new filtering mechanism that must be adopted or simply 
> declaring the old filtering mechanism as "obsolete with respect to MR 
> images"...
> That recommendation then "restricts forward" in that, for example, 
> since Swing relies on the old mechanism, Swing then becomes "not 
> recommended for use with MR images", or "not MR aware".  That's 
> probably not a restriction we want to promote so it should be viewed 
> as a temporary restriction reality and a bug that we'll fix soon, 
> whether by using some other mechanism to achieve the desired affects, 
> or creating a new MR-aware filtering mechanism and using it in Swing.
> Similarly, other 3rd party libraries that accept images and do 
> anything more than display them will have to be upgraded as well 
> before they become "MR aware" or "MR accepting" or whatever term 
> applies here...
>             ...jim
> On 3/21/16 8:54 AM, Alexander Scherbatiy wrote:
>> The one more thing is that image filters should also be updated to use
>> them with multi-resolution images.
>> For example, consider the case:
>> ----------
>>      Image mrImage = getMultiResolutionImage();
>>      ImageProducer mriProducer = new
>> FilteredImageSource(mrImage.getSource(), new CropImageFilter(0, 0, w, 
>> h));
>>      Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit().createImage(mriProducer);
>> ----------
>> The crop image filter applied to each resolution variant just cuts
>> images with the same size.
>> It seems that there should be added API which allows to set a scale for
>> a provided image filter to be properly used with the given resolution
>> variant.
>> I have created a separated issue for multi-resolution images filtering
>> support:
>>    JDK-8152309 Seamless way of using image filters with multi-resolution
>> images
>>    https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8152309
>> Thanks,
>> Alexandr.
>> On 15/03/16 20:35, Alexander Scherbatiy wrote:
>>> On 15/03/16 18:06, Sergey Bylokhov wrote:
>>>> On 15.03.16 17:01, Alexander Scherbatiy wrote:
>>>>>   One update will be that FilteredImageSource should implement
>>>>> MultiResolutionImageProducer even it is used for non multi-resolution
>>>>> images.
>>>>>    The MRI can be created using two general ways: using fixed 
>>>>> number of
>>>>> resolution variants or generating a resolution variant with necessary
>>>>> quality on demand.
>>>>>   The current implementation is rely on that MRToolkitImage 
>>>>> contains a
>>>>> fixed number of resolution variants. In this case MediaTracker can
>>>>> iterate over resolution variants and load them all.
>>>>>   Using MultiResolutionImageProducer leads that MRToolkitImage 
>>>>> will not
>>>>> know about number of resolution variants in case when they are
>>>>> generated
>>>>> on the fly and there will be no way to load all of them by
>>>>> MediaTracker.
>>>> Just an idea to thinking about, can we save this filter to the MRI
>>>> itself and apply it after some resolution variant will be created on
>>>> the fly?
>>> Do you mean that it helps to leave the code in the AquaUtils class
>>> unchanged:
>>> ---------------
>>>  124     static Image generateLightenedImage(final Image image, final
>>> int percent) {
>>>  125         final GrayFilter filter = new GrayFilter(true, percent);
>>>  126         final ImageProducer prod = new
>>> FilteredImageSource(image.getSource(), filter);
>>>  127         return Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit().createImage(prod);
>>>  128     }
>>> ---------------
>>>   or it is just an a better way for a filtered multi-resolution image
>>> generation?
>>>   Thanks,
>>>   Alexandr.
>>>>> As I see, the way to solve it is only using 
>>>>> MRI.getResolutionVariants()
>>>>> method for the MultiResolutionImageProducer creation. So the 
>>>>> result of
>>>>> the call
>>>>>     toolkit.createImage(new FilteredImageSource(mrImage.getSource(),
>>>>> filter));
>>>>>   will be a MRToolkitImage which is based on fixed number of filtered
>>>>> resolution variants from the original MRI.
>>>>>   Thanks,
>>>>>   Alexandr.
>>>>>> ...jim
>>>>>> On 3/11/16 5:42 AM, Alexander Scherbatiy wrote:
>>>>>>> On 09/03/16 16:58, Sergey Bylokhov wrote:
>>>>>>>> Probably we should enhance
>>>>>>>> ImageProducer/Tk.createImage/ImageFilter to
>>>>>>>> support this functionality? It seems that the number of usage of
>>>>>>>> this
>>>>>>>> check "image instanceof MultiResolutionImage" will grow over time.
>>>>>>>     ImageProducer produces pixels for an image and is not able to
>>>>>>> take
>>>>>>> an information about the image resolution variants.
>>>>>>>   May be we can add Toolkit.createImage(Image image, ImageFilter
>>>>>>> imageFilter) method which takes MultiResolutionImage into 
>>>>>>> account to
>>>>>>> cover the common case where filtered image is created.
>>>>>>>   Thanks,
>>>>>>>   Alexandr.
>>>>>>>> I think that at least our own API should support
>>>>>>>> MultiResolutionImage
>>>>>>>> w/o such checks, otherwise the user will need to do the same.
>>>>>>>> cc 2d-dev
>>>>>>>> On 09.03.16 15:30, Alexander Scherbatiy wrote:
>>>>>>>>> Hello,
>>>>>>>>> Could you review the fix:
>>>>>>>>>    bug: https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8151303
>>>>>>>>>    webrev: http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~alexsch/8151303/webrev.00
>>>>>>>>>    The AquaUtils does not take into account MultiResolutionImage
>>>>>>>>> for
>>>>>>>>> selected/disabled/lightened images generation.
>>>>>>>>>    The fix also leaves the MultiResolutionCachedImage check 
>>>>>>>>> because
>>>>>>>>> the
>>>>>>>>> base system icon size can be differ from the requested painted
>>>>>>>>> size.
>>>>>>>>>    Thanks,
>>>>>>>>>    Alexandr.

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