[OpenJDK 2D-Dev] [11] Upgrade to Marlin renderer 0.9.1

Laurent Bourgès bourges.laurent at gmail.com
Fri Mar 9 08:28:57 UTC 2018

Hi Sergey & Phil,

Could you review the submitted marlin webrev soon ?

I will revert the tile size change in MarlinProperties (6,7 => 5,5) to
avoid any problem for now: 2 lines fix.

As proposed before, supporting larger tiles in 2d pipelines needs many
small tuning and can be done in follow-up issues (d3d, ogl, gdi...) as it
requires lots of testing.

I prefer having Marlin 0.9.1 patch accepted asap.


Le 8 mars 2018 23:57, "Sergey Bylokhov" <Sergey.Bylokhov at oracle.com> a
écrit :

> On 08/03/2018 14:02, Laurent Bourgès wrote:
>> I suppose the queue is drained too quickly on my fast gpu and is too
>> small to feed the gpu... maybe I am wron
> Profiling will help here. on macOS you can user Instruments which can
> profile cpu and gpu.
> Definitely it is more related to awt... and propose to postpone using
>> large tiles on other platforms than linux for the moment.
>> How is it enabled ? Using sun.java2d.d3d=false ?
> Yes "sun.java2d.d3d=false" or it can be selected automatically if d3d
> pipeline is unsupported (or video card is blacklisted).
> --
> Best regards, Sergey.
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