[OpenJDK 2D-Dev] [11] RFR [JDK-6686236] GIF native IIOMetadata assumes characterCellWidth/Height as 2bytes

Phil Race philip.race at oracle.com
Fri Mar 16 15:50:40 UTC 2018

Looks fine but get an approved CSR.


On 03/16/2018 05:01 AM, Prahalad Kumar Narayanan wrote:
> Hello Everyone
> Good day to you.
> Request your time in reviewing a simple fix for
>      . Bug : [JDK-6686236]  https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-6686236
>      . Title : GIF native IIOMetadata assumes characterCellWidth/Height as 2bytes
> Root Cause:
>      . As per the gif image format specification (v89a), Character Cell Width and Character Cell Height values in Plain Text Extension block occupy 1 Byte each.
>      . However, the GIFImageMetadataFormat and GIFWritableImageMetadata allow values in range [1, 65535] for the above attributes.
>      . Note: Luckily, The bug does not affect GIFImageWriter because it writes only a single byte to the output stream. Thus ignoring the 3 higher order bytes in the "int" variables used for the two attributes.
> Information on Fix:
>      . The max permissible value is now restricted to 255 in both GIFImageMetadataFormat and GIFWritableImageMetadata.
>      . In addition, the html documentation describing GIF Image Metadata has been modified.
>      . The attached test case verifies changes taken up in both metadata and metadata format.
> Kindly review the change at your convenience.
> Link: http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~pnarayanan/6686236/webrev.00/
> Thank you for your time
> Have a good day
> Prahalad N.

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