[OpenJDK 2D-Dev] [11] RFR JDK-6788458: PNGImageReader ignores tRNS chunk while reading non-indexed RGB images

Jayathirth D V jayathirth.d.v at oracle.com
Wed Mar 28 02:57:33 UTC 2018

Hello All,


I just realized that the test case Read16BitPNGWithTRNSChunk.java is creating (50, 50) image(which was done while debugging the issue), which is not needed as we need single pixel to verify the fix as it is done in Read8BitPNGWithTRNSChunk.java. I have updated Read16BitPNGWithTRNSChunk.java to reflect this small change.


Please find updated webrev for review:






From: Jayathirth D V 
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Subject: [OpenJDK 2D-Dev] [11] RFR JDK-6788458: PNGImageReader ignores tRNS chunk while reading non-indexed RGB images


Hello All,


Please review the following solution in JDK11 :


Bug : https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-6788458 

Webrev : http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~jdv/6788458/webrev.00/ 


Issue: When we try to read non-indexed RGB PNG image having transparent pixel information in tRNS chunk, ImageIO.PNGImageReader ignores the transparent pixel information. If we use Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit().createImage() it doesn't ignore the transparent pixel information.


Root cause:  In ImageIO.PNGImageReader() we store tRNS chunk values in readMetadata() -> parse_tRNS_chunk (), but we never use the tRNS R, G, B value to compare with decoded image information. Also in ImageIO.PNGImageReader() for IHDR colortype RGB we use only 3 channel destination BufferedImage. So even if we use the tRNS chunk value we need destination BufferedImage of 4 channels to represent transparency.


Solution: While assigning destination image in PNGImageReader.getImageTypes() if we know that PNG image is of type RGB and has tRNS chunk then we need to assign a destination image having 4 channels. After that in decodePass() we need to create 4 channel destination raster and while we store decoded image information into the destination BufferedImage we need to compare decoded R, G, B values with tRNS R, G, B values and store appropriate alpha channel value.


Also we use 4 channel destination image in case of RGB image only when tRNS chunk is present and ImageReadParam.destinationBands is null or ImageReadParam.destinationBands is equal to 4.


One more change is that we have optimization in PNGImageReader.readMetadata() where if ignoreMetadata is true and IHDR colortype is not of type PNG_COLOR_PALETTE, we ignore all the chunk data and just try to find first IDAT chunk. But if we need tRNS chunk values in case of IHDR colortype PNG_COLOR_RGB we need to parse tNRS chunk also. So in readMetadata() also appropriate changes are made.


Note : Initially the enhancement request was present only for 8 bit RGB PNG images but after making more modifications realized that we can add support for 16 bit RGB image also by making similar incremental changes. The tRNS chunk value is still ignored for Gray PNG image. If we need to support PNG_COLOR_GRAY image with tRNS chunk(which is very rare) we can take that up in a separate bug as it needs different set of changes.




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