[OpenJDK 2D-Dev] [13] RFR 8214579: JFrame does not paint content in XVFB / X11vnc environment

Phil Race philip.race at oracle.com
Tue Jan 8 18:44:09 UTC 2019

I don't really understand why this only affects XVFB/X11VNC ?
The bug evaluation is vague in explaining the root cause.
What are they doing that is different ?
Is there an unexpected alpha channel ?
If so,
- are we then selecting a loop which is supplying a zero value alpha
channel instead of an opaque one ?
- why is it only for X11VNC ?
- Why was this not seen on Solaris ? Most if not all testing there uses 


On 1/8/19 2:24 AM, Dmitry Markov wrote:
> Hi Sergey,
> We started using XRSurfaceType (surface type from XRSurfaceData) after 
> integration of JDK-8204931 [1]. Before that fix getSurfaceType() was 
> not overridden in XRGraphicsConfig and surface type from 
> X11GraphicsConfig/X11SurfaceData, (i.e. X11SurfaceType) was used for 
> XRWindowSurfaceData and XRPixmapSurfaceData. If I got it right 
> JDK-8204931was intended for fixing problems with XRPixmapSurfaceData 
> and it solved them by introducing surface type with PixelConverter in 
> XRSurfaceData and overriding getSurfaceType() in XRGraphicsConfig. 
> These changes are correct for XRPixmapSurfaceData but they 
> accidentally broke XRWindowSurfaceData and caused this problem.
> In proposed fix I restored the previous behaviour for 
> XRWindowSurfaceData, (i.e. use surface type from X11SurfaceData 
> instead there one from XRSurfaceData).
> Thanks,
> Dmitry
> [1] - https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8204931
>> On 7 Jan 2019, at 23:14, Sergey Bylokhov <Sergey.Bylokhov at oracle.com 
>> <mailto:Sergey.Bylokhov at oracle.com>> wrote:
>> Hi, Dmitry.
>> On 03/01/2019 10:29, Dmitry Markov wrote:
>>> Fix:
>>> It is necessary to use X11SurfaceType instead of XRSurfaceType 
>>> inside createData() for XRWindowSurfaceData
>> Can you please provide some more details why it is necessary? From the
>> first point of view the XRSurfaceType should be used for 
>> XRWindowSurfaceData,
>> because all this code is implementation of the XRender pipeline.
>> -- 
>> Best regards, Sergey.

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