[OpenJDK 2D-Dev] [14] Review request for 8227392: Colors with alpha are painted incorrectly on Linux, after JDK-8214579

Phil Race philip.race at oracle.com
Thu Jul 11 18:48:29 UTC 2019

I don't think we ever saw it fail until 8214579 was pushed.
I don't know the reason for the color you are sporadically getting in VB
Maybe it is slow and the paint event is being missed ?
But then I'd expect black .. not light grey.

Still, it might be informative to put a print statement in here (in the 
     public void paint(Graphics g) {
         System.out.println("color=" + color + " alpha=" + 
color.getAlpha());  // << add this
         g.fillRect(0, 0, getSize().width, getSize().height);

and compare what is printed for failing and passing runs.
If you can't figure it out quickly, then update the test to not exit so 
quickly and grab a screen
shot of the failure and add it to the bug.


On 7/11/19 11:13 AM, Anton Litvinov wrote:
> Hello Phil,
> Thank you for these additional details. I have tried to run the test 
> "open/test/jdk/java/awt/Color/AlphaColorTest.java" with JDK 13 
> compiled from "jdk/jdk13" with/without this back out fix and the 
> results are not so stable on my VirtualBox host with openSUSE Leap 
> 15.0 OS (GNOME 3.26.2):
> 1. "AlphaColorTest.java" stably fails with JDK 13 without this back 
> out fix and the test failure message is stably:
>     "Color is not as expected. Got java.awt.Color[r=255,g=255,b=255]"
> 2. "AlphaColorTest.java" starts passing with JDK 13 with the back out 
> fix, but continues to intermittently fail with the failure message:
>     "Color is not as expected. Got java.awt.Color[r=189,g=189,b=189]"
> It looks that either this regression test had been failing 
> intermittently before the fix 8214579, which we are backing out, was 
> integrated, or some other fix causes this intermittent failure.
> Maybe in this case it is better not to change this 
> "open/test/jdk/ProblemList.txt" as well as the test itself 
> "open/test/jdk/java/awt/Color/AlphaColorTest.java" as part of this 
> back out fix for JCK test failure?
> Thank you,
> Anton
> On 11/07/2019 17:38, Philip Race wrote:
>> There is a regression test that is supposed to catch this exact problem.
>> So I had looked into how we did not catch this earlier and found that 
>> in fact we did.
>> This was originally found and filed as 
>> https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8224825
>> The test java/awt/Color/AlphaColorTest.java was then problem listed 
>> on Linux.
>> $ grep AlphaColorTest test/jdk/ProblemList.txt
>> java/awt/Color/AlphaColorTest.java 8224825 linux-all
>> So I think we can close JDK-8224825 as a duplicate of this as well as 
>> updating the problem list
>> and the test - after confirming that this backout resolves that as I 
>> expect it will.
>> -phil.
>> On 7/11/19, 9:20 AM, Anton Litvinov wrote:
>>> By your request regenerated the webrev specifically against 
>>> (http://hg.openjdk.java.net/jdk/jdk13) repository.
>>> JDK 13 specific webrev: 
>>> http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~alitvinov/8227392/jdk13/webrev.00
>>> I confirm again, that 2 failing manual tests: "ColorTest0003", 
>>> "ColorTest0004" from the test 
>>> "api/java_awt/interactive/ColorTests.html" in JCK 13 do not fail 
>>> anymore after this fix is applied to JDK 13 compiled from 
>>> "jdk/jdk13" repository.
>>> "jdk/jdk13" repository does not contain any problem list mentioning 
>>> "api/java_awt/interactive/ColorTests.html" test from JCK 13, thus I 
>>> cannot de-problem list it and have no idea, where it is 
>>> problem-listed. I also doubt that it is problem-listed, since it is 
>>> manual. I added "noreg-jck" label to the bug in JBS deliberately 
>>> according to OpenJDK process (Section #6 from the web page 
>>> (http://openjdk.java.net/guide/changePlanning.html)), because this 
>>> back out fix does not contain a new separate regression test, while 
>>> this regression can be checked by running existing mentioned above 
>>> test from JCK package.
>>> If this "noreg-jck" label creates problems, I can remove it at all.
>>> Thank you,
>>> Anton
>>> On 11/07/2019 15:51, Philip Race wrote:
>>>> One more thing I just realised you should do here is de-problem list
>>>> the regression test that fails ... after verifying it now works,
>>>> updating it with this bug ID.
>>>> And you can remove that noreg-jck label as a consequence.
>>>> -phil.
>>>> On 7/11/19, 7:35 AM, Philip Race wrote:
>>>>> In such cases I like more than to be told "it would apply cleanly" 
>>>>> but also to see
>>>>> that you actually prepared the webrev against 13. This is more 
>>>>> certain
>>>>> and ensures that when the fix is approved you don't accidentally 
>>>>> push it
>>>>> to the wrong repo. You have to go clone 13 and apply the patch 
>>>>> there anyway ...
>>>>> -phil.
>>>>> On 7/11/19, 5:44 AM, Anton Litvinov wrote:
>>>>>> Hello Phil,
>>>>>> Thank you for review and the important remark about the need to 
>>>>>> work with "jdk/jdk13" stabilization repository, I forgot about 
>>>>>> this feature of post RDP 1 phase. Today I checked the fix against 
>>>>>> "jdk/jdk13" repository and confirm that it resolves this bug for 
>>>>>> JDK 13.
>>>>>> Will wait for feedback or approval from any other second code 
>>>>>> reviewer.
>>>>>> Thank you,
>>>>>> Anton
>>>>>> On 10/07/2019 19:55, Phil Race wrote:
>>>>>>> Anton,
>>>>>>> This looks fine except that it needs to be prepared against 13, 
>>>>>>> and then pushed there, not 14.
>>>>>>> And it will get forwarded synced from 13 to 14. That is the RDP 
>>>>>>> process ..
>>>>>>> -phil.
>>>>>>> On 7/10/19 5:00 AM, Anton Litvinov wrote:
>>>>>>>> Hello,
>>>>>>>> Could you please review the following fix for the bug. The fix 
>>>>>>>> is backing out of the fix for the bug JDK-8214579 which caused 
>>>>>>>> this JCK test failure. If this fix is accepted, then a new 
>>>>>>>> separate bug for readdressing the bug reported in JDK-8214579 
>>>>>>>> will be filed.
>>>>>>>> Bug: https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8227392
>>>>>>>> Webrev: 
>>>>>>>> http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~alitvinov/8227392/jdk14/webrev.00
>>>>>>>> Changeset of JDK-8214579: 
>>>>>>>> http://hg.openjdk.java.net/jdk/client/rev/c53905e7dc57
>>>>>>>> Thank you,
>>>>>>>> Anton

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