Move Google Getting Started Docs to OpenJDK Wiki?

Martijn Verburg martijnverburg at
Tue Apr 8 07:41:12 UTC 2014

Hi Sunny,

Thanks! I think the best place to start is to review the existing build
documentation that comes with the source of OpenJDK vs what you, Mani and
the adoptopenjdk wiki has. I'd like for us to actually improve *that*
documentation first and use the wiki to document temporary workarounds and
rarer situations (perhaps things like fastdebug builds and so forth).

I notice that the build group has a wiki - and in the spirit of us
helping out other groups and projects I suggest we co-ordinate with them
and have the vast majority of the build related documentation go there.
 I've sent them a note.


On 8 April 2014 06:33, Chan, Sunny <Sunny.Chan at> wrote:

> I am happy to contribute to a quick start guide documentation - for
> example here is my blog entry on how to compile OpenJDK on Windows
> (probably need updating!)
> Perhaps an outline like this:
> 1) Prerequisite environment
> 2) Initial setup (e.g. getting the VM, etc)
> 3) How to compile, what are the options
> 4) Different type of builds (what is fastdebug? Etc)
> 5) How to start contributing (What bug to work on, etc)
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> Hi,
> I believe a wiki format would make the documents more navigable, it would
> > increase shared ownership, and also be a positive step towards making
> > the wiki a full one stop shop for all things OpenJDK?
> >
> So I think the last time I discussed this with Mani and you guys there was
> complete consensus about moving to a wiki, but the issue was we needed to
> figure out how to incorporate the information. At the moment we have a
> sprawl of wiki pages with lots of detailed documentation. This is a good
> thing, but there's also need for a "quick start guide" type wiki page. So
> its not just integrating the google doc into the wiki, but figuring out
> how/where the information should lie.
> regards,
>   Richard Warburton
>   @RichardWarburto <>

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