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Daniel Bryant daniel.bryant at tai-dev.co.uk
Thu Apr 10 21:09:02 UTC 2014

Hi Steve,

A few of us in the group have floated the idea for a J1 panel 
submission. Dalibor has suggested that it could be a good idea to post 
something up to the Adoption wiki, and ask for contributions?

I've also been chatting to Richard Warburton about a J1 submission 
(separate from the adoption work), and here we were thinking of 'Help 
build your JUG' focus.

Best wishes,


On 10/04/2014 09:00, Steve Poole wrote:
> on the subject of conferences - have we got anything Adopt like for J1 or
> other conferences planned?  I hadn't noticed anything but a trifle busy so
> it might have passed me by
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> The finest summit of the summer is coming.
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> Subject: Call for Speakers -- 2014 JVM Language Summit
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> Dear colleague;
> We are pleased to announce the 2014 JVM Language Summit to be held at
> Oracle's Santa Clara campus on July 28-30, 2014. Registration is now
> open for speaker submissions (presentations and workshops) and will
> remain open until May 16, 2014. There is no registration fee for
> speakers.  General attendee registration will open on May 7.  For Oracle
> employees who wish to register as general attendees, please contact the
> organizers at inquire at jvmlangsummit.com.
> The JVM Language Summit is an open technical collaboration among
> language designers, compiler writers, tool builders, runtime engineers,
> and VM architects. We will share our experiences as creators of
> programming languages for the JVM and of the JVM itself. We also welcome
> non-JVM developers on similar technologies to attend or speak on their
> runtime, VM, or language of choice.
> The format this year will be similar to previous years; we've divided
> the schedule equally between traditional presentations and "Workshops".
> Workshops are informal, facilitated discussion groups among smaller,
> self-selected participants, and should enable "deeper dives" into the
> subject matter.  If there is interest, there will also be impromptu
> "lightning talks".
> We encourage speakers to submit both a presentation and a workshop; we
> will arrange to schedule the presentation before the workshop, so that
> the presentation can spark people's interest and the workshop will allow
> those who are really interested to go deeper into the subject area.
> Workshop facilitators may, but are not expected to, prepare presentation
> materials, but they should come prepared to guide a deep technical
> discussion.
> The Summit is being organized by language and JVM engineers; no
> marketers involved! So bring your slide rules and be prepared for some
> seriously geeky discussions.
> Speaker registration is now open at:
>       http://registration.jvmlangsummit.com
> If you have any questions, send inquiries to inquire at jvmlangsummit.com.
> We hope to see you in July!
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> 741598.
> Registered office: PO Box 41, North Harbour, Portsmouth, Hampshire PO6 3AU

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