Successful DevoxxUK / "Hack the Tower" OpenJDK hackday

Daniel Bryant daniel.bryant at
Sun Jun 22 16:48:59 UTC 2014

Related to the P.S. note on my previous email, I've just noticed that 
the J1 OpenJDK session has been accepted as a BOF, but I submitted it as 
a Conference Panel session... I wonder if it was changed, or if the 
Oracle website is reporting this incorrectly?

Best wishes,


On 22/06/2014 17:45, Daniel Bryant wrote:
> Hi all,
> Just wanted to mention that last Saturday we hosted a successful 
> OpenJDK hackday in combination with the Devoxx UK conference and 
> Salesforce "Hack the Tower" event.
> We had 15+ attendees in the OpenJDK section of the event, and 
> approximately a third were new (and so we got them building the 
> OpenJDK via Mani's instructions), a third were more experienced (and 
> so they experimented with fixing Sonar warnings), and the remainder 
> worked on Betterrev.
> We were also fortunate to have James Ward of Typesafe/Play fame with 
> us at the event, and he offered some great feedback about the 
> architecture and code within Betterrev.
> We also ran an OpenJDK BOF session at the DevoxxUK conference, and 
> Mani manned the OpenJDK booth at the associated Hackergarten. We 
> received some good feedback on this event, and also some suggestions 
> on how to make this better; the primary comment/question was 'what 
> have the community contributed to OpenJDK', and 'what can we 
> reasonably expect to contribute if we join up...'
> Best wishes,
> Daniel
> P.S. Last week we received good news that we have an OpenJDK BOF 
> accepted again at JavaOne this year, and the LJC also have a related 
> Panel/BOF session about how JUGs can contribute to the future of Java :-)

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