Build failures on OS X 10.9.3

Ben Evans benjamin.john.evans at
Tue Sep 16 15:41:01 UTC 2014


> I suspect it'll be easier to just install gcc on your mac. The last time I
> checked openjdk 8 didn't compile correctly with clang, so you might also
> have to patch the source code as well as the autoconf scripts.

So Apple are now shipping a compiler by default, but it's clang, which
they've aliased to gcc, despite the fact that the binaries differ?

So all the standard hacks from earlier OS versions where you test for
the presence of certain binaries to see whether devtools are installed
are now bust?

Well, isn't that ... lovely?

I'd be intruigued to know whether OpenJDK 9 will build with Clang, as
the autoconf seems happy with the behaviour of "gcc". I might install
the TrueType headers and see how far that gets.



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