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Wed Dec 2 11:23:39 UTC 2015

On 30.11.2015 16:44, Martijn Verburg wrote:
>     I think a monthly reminder e-mail to this mailing list would be fine.
> Only this mailing list?

I think that would be a great start for now.

I believe that posting 'reminder' messages to public mailing lists 
should follow the vampire invitation principle[0] - you only do it if 
explicitly asked to by someone who 'lives' there.

> There's an assumption that the new (and possibly
> existing) contributors are joining this list.

Yeah, that assumption is warranted, afaict from looking at the current 
mailing list membership. There are more than 150 subscribers at the 
moment, for example, most of which don't seem to have an active Role as 
Committer, Reviewer, etc. in OpenJDK Projects judging by a cursory 
glance of the list.

So this mailing list does seem to attract an audience that is not 
necessarily very involved in day-to-day OpenJDK Project development, 
just as it should.

> As not even the OpenJDK
> home page mentions us

That's not correct. The Adoption Group is listed along with all the 
other Groups and Projects on the left side of

It is not more prominently featured than other Groups or Projects, of 
course, but then there is no particularly strong reason for it to be.

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