Code coverage statistics for OpenJDK

Richard Kolb rjdkolb at
Mon Feb 2 12:52:06 UTC 2015

Awesome results for a non tdd program!
 On 1 Feb 2015 12:45, "Martijn Verburg" <martijnverburg at> wrote:

> Hi all,
> Recently, one of our Adopt OpenJDK incubator projects (for reference, these
> projects are outside of OpenJDK proper, the wiki holds the full list)
> managed to get some what we think are accurate code coverage stats for
> OpenJDK (jdk9-dev) tests. Thanks to Jonathan Gibbons from code-tools
> (jtreg/jcov) and Adopt's John Oliver for getting this out!
> I think this is potentially useful for the OpenJDK quality group to report
> alongside the existing weekly tests passing that Balchandra kindly pushes
> out.  It can also be useful to OpenJDK contributors to have a guide on
> making a change -> writing a test -> seeing code coverage improve.
> Obviously we want to:
> * Make sure the numbers are correct.
> * Make it clear in the report that this does not represent how well OpenJDK
> / Java is actually tested (internally Oracle and others run a far more
> comprehensive test suite).
> Do people feel this is this a good idea? If so, who's the right
> person/people to analyse our results and ensure we're using jtreg and jcov
> correctly?
> Cheers,
> Martijn

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