Become a sponsor to Java community events at the EAA and Hackergarten for Javaland 2015

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Hi all,

Become a sponsor and show support to Andreas' (aba at shout out on
Java community events to be held during Javaland 2015, get in touch, share
the message with your communities:

*——It’s time for the Java-Community to meet again: >From March 24th to March
26th, 2015, Java enthusiasts, developers, architects, strategists,
administrators and project managers will continue to settle JavaLand (aka
Phantasialand near Cologne in Germany).The Early Adopters' Area and
Hackergarten are really focusing on the community aspect: Located in the
heart of JavaLand, they will host sessions on the community-driven
programmes Adopt-a-JSR and Adopt OpenJDK, as well as other open source
coding activities. Throughout the two days of Javaland, Java experts will
show a variety of projects that are moving Java forward, and invite people
to discuss with them and try things hands-on.To draw more attention to our
activities and to spark the competition, we would like to hand out prizes
for valuable contributions from participants. We are looking for companies
sponsoring these prizes (e.g. books, mouses or mouse-pads, a software
license, Raspberry PIs, other small geek gadgets, etc.).If you can sponsor
one or several prizes, we will be happy to mention your company name at the
venue, via Twitter, and in blog entries.More information on Javaland is
available here:
<>——Cheers,Andreas**aba at
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