Primitives in Generics workshop in Bulgarian JUG

Ivan St. Ivanov at
Fri Jan 30 03:16:46 UTC 2015

Hello adopters,

As promised, we had our Valhalla introduction workshop in the Bulgarian
Java User Group.

We started with a brief introduction of the state of generics, reasons for
non-supporting primitives so far, reasons for erasure, proposed approach
for implementing generics over primitives (and later over value types as
well), some implications, etc. The slides are available here:

Then we continued with writing some code, trying out various aspects of the
valhalla project (we had already prepared virtual machine with the valhalla
source code). Our member Mihail wrote a report on his blog with some useful

We had some interesting findings (checkout the above blog), which I will
discuss with some more knowledgeable people at FOSDEM before reporting them
to the Valhalla ML.


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