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FYI - Thanks Mohamed.

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I would like to take this opportunity to announce that my book "*JavaFX 8
essentials*" has been published yesterday on Packt publishing web site and
Amazon.com as well.

It was a very hard task and it took around 8 months of writing with all the
other book stages till the publication, especially the changes that has
been made during the last couple of months. from Oracle none support for
embedded JVM, the appearance of Gluon plug-in, and stop support for JavaFX
scene builder, and 4 JDK updates which requires the changes in chapters
more and more so the book is still up-to date till the final releases.

At the same time changes for other vendors like Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Leap
Motion, Mobile (Android and iOS) software and hardware.

The book will teach:

   - Deliver complex, compelling, and high performance JavaFX 8
   applications with new impressive Java SE 8 core features and enhancements
   - Run JavaFX applications on embedded devices such as Raspberry Pi
   - Use Scene Builder to create and define UI screens graphically and save
   them as JavaFX FXML-formatted files
   - Develop amazing gesture-based applications and an interactive
   touch-less JavaFX application with Leap motion devices
   - Get hands-on knowledge about mobile development and create native
   JavaFX applications for Apple iOS and Android platforms
   - Use JavaFX with an Arduino board to develop desktop applications to
   monitor data coming from the real world or control real devices

You can get the book from the following links:



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